Interview with Bob Dunn

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you use WordPress:

I started out eons ago as a freelance graphic designer, launching a small design firm that ended up as a full-service marketing company. As I moved into web design, I found that html and I didn’t get along too well. After 20+ years of running our business with my wife, 4 years ago I started dabbling in WordPress. Boom. It happened. I started designing sites only in WordPress and then began delivering workshops and presentations. End of story. I just found that I loved teaching WordPress. So now I teach and coach users and have never looked back.

What will you be speaking about?

My topic is how to build community through comments on your blog. What works, what doesn’t, and why bloggers shouldn’t feel like scum just because they don’t get a ton of comments.

Who will get the most out of your presentation?

My presentation is for anyone who blogs and is looking for ways to build up their community through comments and interaction.

What do you hope the WordCampers will get out of your session?

A few ah ha’s, would be great. And definitely, new knowledge and skills people can take away and use in their own blogging journey.

What is your favorite WordPress Plugin?

That’s a tough one. There are so many. I am a huge fan of Gravity Forms as I find so many different ways to use it. Beyond that, do you have an hour or two?

Do you have a WP hero?

I can’t pinpoint one person. The entire community is outstanding.

Pizza is a food group unto itself in Chicago… Where is your favorite place to get pizza?

Since I don’t live in Chicago, I am forced to make my own pizza: a homemade veggie with all the toppings.

Tell your favorite WordCamp story!

From an organizer’s point of view, it would have to be the morning of our last Seattle WordCamp. We had our nicely designed nametags and our lanyards. But, as we looked closer, we noticed that the lanyards had no holes punched and our nametags were produced for clips. Couldn’t find any hole punchers and it was too early for any stores to be open in the downtown. Finally, the venue found a couple in their office. We grabbed some volunteers and they hustled through 300+ nametags. Thank God for volunteers!

Contact Info:

Bob Dunn

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