Interview with Matt Patulski

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you use WordPress:
Wordpress has a duel purpose in my day-to-day. We use WordPress a lot in my day gig at Capgemini: We have several offerings like small brochure-ware sites, event kiosk solutions, and private extranets for managing our long-term client relationships.
I also volunteer for a few groups associated with my sons’ school. My workplace experience comes in to play when building a site for my local PTA or school booster club. But we have no time, no budget–very off the shelf, but very effective.

What will you be speaking about?
JP Peters and I will be running an interactive session on WordPress in Education.

Who is your target audience?
Persons in the PK-12 or University space who are building sites to provide education resources or run volunteer/booster groups that support any school/program like a PTA or a club.

What do you hope the WordCampers will get out of your session?
A great open-ended discussion with a lot of new options and ideas on using WordPress in the education space.

What is your favorite WordPress Plugin?
‘Theme My Log-in’–perfect for building sites that require the log-in/profile pages to match the rest of the site. It keeps the user experience consistent for the non-technical account holder.

Do you have a WP hero?
Mike Devarrenne at Mike does a lot of my development work on my corporate projects. He keeps his cool, works well with my stakeholders, knows WordPress.

What is your favorite tourist attraction in Chicago?
Art Institute of Chicago, try to go every time I am in town.

Tell your favorite WordCamp story!
Last year at WCC2011, when John James Jacoby showed up to talk about BuddyPress for 90 minutes–that was great.
Contact Info:

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