Sponsor Spotlight: Wordnik

Related Content by WordnikKeep users on your site longer with Related Content by Wordnik.

At Wordnik, our mission is to connect people with meaning. Now, we have a new tool to help bloggers do just that: Related Content by Wordnik, a unique plugin for WordPress blogs.

Better, smarter, more engaged.
• Related Content uses Wordnik’s patent-pendind technology to provide two key advantages over other systems: speed and intelligence.
• It goes beyond tags and analyzes all parts of each post – tags, titles, categories, and text – and gives meaningful and intelligent recommendations of what to read next.
• This gives readers more content that they are already interested in and are thus more likely to click on — all without having to search for it.

• It won’t slow down your blog.
• It’s free and easy to install.
• Stuck for a word? Our authoring tools connect you with definitions, synonyms, and example sentences as you write.

Inspire yourself and your readers with content discovery. Connect with Related Content by Wordnik.

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