What You Can Expect From Orion Group


Time and time again, we have seen our clients receive double and triple their Internet marketing investment. It is typical that within the first 3 months of working with Orion Group, our clients see a 10-20% increase in visibility in the search engines.

When you take advantage of our search engine optimization services you could reasonably expect an increase in leads and sales between 5-10% over the first 6 months. Of course this is just an estimate, as there are many external factors that can affect the success of any marketing campaign. Although not typical, we were, however, able to help one small business increase sales 150% in under 1.5 years by following our proven steps to online success.

Orion Group’s goal is always to see long-term success for our clients, which means the small businesses that work with us will get more phone calls, inquiries, quote requests and sales from previously untapped online sources.

Why You Will Succeed With Orion Group

When the search engines change their algorithms, we are quick to adapt. We follow practices set by industry leaders, which ensures that we do quality work. And… we take the time to understand your niche. As a result, you’ll see that our work brings a long-term, positive return on your investment.

We help business owners and marketing managers make good decisions based on statistically significant competitive intelligence we gather.

You will know how effective our Internet marketing efforts are because we:
Determine realistic goals
Report the work we are doing for you
Show you how people are using your website
We not only show you where your website ranks in the search engines, we also detail:
Where your best leads are coming from
How our work ties in to your bottom line

Orion Group Company Profile

Orion Group has been designing Websites since 1996. Our office is located in Sussex, Wisconsin. Through our desire for constant improvement, our expertise in Internet marketing, our fair pricing, and because of our proven commitment to deliver what we promise, we have gained the respect of our clients. We serve a diverse client base of small businesses, local government, online businesses, and community organization. A few of our clients include the Milwaukee NARI, Jastroch & Labarge, Perlick Corporation, Precision Brand, The Village of Sussex, Christian Life Church, and Lemel Homes.

Orion Group has the resources to accomplish whatever is asked of us – and at a reasonable price. We strive to refine our web development skills and commit to staying at the top of the Internet marketing industry.

Orion Group Member Bios

Bill Knoernschild – Owner / Website Sales

Bill is a founding partner of Orion Group. He is a certified web developer. Bill is most passionate when discussing hunting or web technologies. His primary accomplishment has been building up a base of 300 clients. Bill has and served on the Milwaukee NARI web committee for 10 years and has been actively involved in the home building and remodeling industry.

Scott Offord – Owner / Director of Internet Marketing

Scott is a managing partner of Orion Group. He creates and manages search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns for our clients. He is certified in Google Analytics and in Google Adwords. Scott focuses on improving the visibility of websites in the search engines. Scott has a background in designing and developing websites using various content management systems. When he’s not optimizing websites, Scott enjoys walking his Great Dane, Squiggles.

Russ Offord – Internet Marketing Account Manager

Russ works with Orion Group analyzing client websites for search engine optimization purposes. He enjoys diving deep into a website’s Google Analytics data to discover actionable information that can guide a client’s SEO strategies and positively affect business decisions. With a history of hand-coding HTML websites and the ability to perform general website maintenance tasks, Russ has a good mix of skills that work together to assist the Orion Group team in helping their clients to succeed online.

Benjamin Pett – Internet Marketing Analyst

Ben focuses on keyword research and assisting clients in search engine optimization. He also spends time working with various social media accounts, making sure they maintain a high level of visibility and positive engagement. Ben has a growing knowledge base in WordPress, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery and acts as co-organizer for the Milwaukee-based Web414 meetup group. Outside of the Web, Ben also enjoys volleyball and collecting vinyl records and classic console video games.

Dustin Filippini – Web Developer / Project Manager

Dustin makes websites and manages new projects for the Orion Group. He has worked for years building websites with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL, keeps up to date with the latest web trends and standards, and is heavily involved in the local developer community.
Dustin started making websites in the late 90s and kept learning and studying the web, all while getting his bachelors degree in Business from Northern Michigan University. He is dedicated to providing a great web experience for website users by following good coding practices and web standards. He keeps up to date on the latest advances through many blogs, podcasts, and books. Dustin loves being involved in the developer community, especially in the Milwaukee area. He helps organize the Web414 Meetup, Milwaukee WordPress Meetup, and WordCamp Milwaukee while also routinely speaking at these events. Dustin also enjoys watching the Packers and Brewers and spending time with his wife, daughter and their two dogs, Riley and Hugo.

Faison Zutavern – Web Developer

Faison is a determined developer with a passion for programming and Web standards. He had accumulated years of amateur programming and database experience before acquiring his associate degree in Web and Software development from WCTC. At Orion, Faison focuses mostly on PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL, while maintaining his skills in Java and learning new technologies. The experiences he’s gained through examining other people’s code, tutoring peers and though writing tutorials and online guides brings great value to Orion Group. When he isn’t keeping up-to-date with tech guides and articles, Faison enjoys gaming and listening to an atypical collection of music.

Chris Aykroid – Graphic Designer

Chris is an accomplished graphic designer. His specialties include creating logos, designing Web sites and print material, as well as creating custom animations for the web. Chris loves learning about how the world works and he shines when given the opportunity to work with clients in bringing clarity and creativity to their marketing message.